Thursday, 4 June 2009

Day 01 - countdown to lose a stone by 17th July 2009

Well I am now on Prior Fat Girl's challenge, as recommended by Holly ALP at My Peace

Yesterday I moved desks at work, which takes me from being in the same room as the finance team, to being up a floor in the open plan office, just outside the MD's door.

So this morning on the way to work, it felt like a new day (new desk) so I went to Tesco on the way to work and bought all the ingredients for soup (I make raw soup in my Vita Mix which I permanently keep at work).  Anyway that was an achievement in itself as I have not used it in ages.  I also bought two lemons, so during the course of the morning I drunk mugs of hot water with lemon in it and it made me feel VERY good.  I also had my usual bowl of ready brek with Victor.

Anyway during the course of the morning Zoe said "cup of tea Lis?" and I said yeah.  So I had normal tea, with 2 biscuits and it gave me a cloggy groggy feeling an a fuzzy head, so I know what suits me......... (need to stay strict now).

Then at lunch I made the soup and ruined it (first time I have done that in 2 years).  Basically I put too many basil leaves in.  Too much avocado.  No ginger or garlic (forgot to buy it), no bouillon ... etc... etc... BUT I still ate 2 bowls of it (plus 2 slices of toast) and it did keep me full for hours.

After work, me and Magdalena went for 1 pint (and as I haven't drunk in weeks it went straight to my head).  The place we went to does really good food, so I had a thai vegetable curry and rice.  So I came home full full full and for once will have fully digested my food before bedtime.

So my achievements today were:
* drinking lots of water
* drinking mugs of lemon water
* having soup for lunch
* acknowledging that the biscuits made me feel like poo
* and just a general feeling that I have indeed started something.  The mental hurdles are as much a part of it with me!

I am going to try and have an early night tonight to follow My Peace's example..... so will sign  this off shortly.

Bye, Liska


v_torcato said...

That was a nice summary to your day - I'll try to help encourage you to stay with your programme - no choccie biccies from my drawer for you missy... See you tomorrow

v_torcato said...

Well Liska, I must say that I can not do any more to help you. I tried to wrestle that chocolate muffin off you earlier and failed and you then added insult to injury by eating it... If I can't help you and we sit next to each other, there is no hope for your fellow USA bloggers to do anything for this cause. I was simply sipping at my water and Zoe was eating a very healthy satsuma at the time. Hang your head in shame Liska!!!

HollyALP said...

Congratulations on all of your accomplishments! I love the idea of making soup at work, but unfortunately I don't have a contraption to do it in! I will investigate the one you referenced though...

I know just what you mean by that icky feeling after eating something you know you didn't REALLY want, however, I must also confess that awareness on that front rarely stops me from revisiting the same feeling the next time a craving hits. So impressed you've got that working for you!

Anyway, I'll be back to see how Day Two posts! Thank you for all the recognition in your posts - and of course for your support!

Susan said...

Sounds like you have a good plan. At first I thought the amount of weight was too much for the length of time, but you are young. I enjoyed the list of what you had and what you did and can only hope that the first two comments contain a bit of humor. So hard to tell in print. I'm pulling for you, even if I'm constantly going to my conversion chart to see how much you need to lose. Your fellow USA bloggers are supporting you 100% and say hold your head shame in being human.

Liska said...

Thank you Susan :-) Victor does tell the truth but NOT the full story, so I am glad you are fighting my corner, even though you have only heard his version
Thanks again, Liska xxxxx