Sunday, 7 June 2009

Say no to fizzy drinks

My muffin in my previous post may have been "innocent", but fizzy drinks, in particular cola, are not!  Read this interesting blog post by Dr Robert O Young.

Drop those fizzy drinks from your life, and that of your children's. 

Say no to fizzy drinks!

Good morning,
Liska x


Liska said...

I started the day so far with a bowl of porridge and a mug of green tea.
Had a large glass of water before those two.
Where are you all?

Susan said...

This sounds like a good start. I think I'll do the same, except with a bowl of grits. Very interesting article, I quit the drinks in February with no regrets. By the way, Victor has redeemed himself. Thanks for explaining the muffin incident.

Susan said...

I'm unusual in that I don't go to church. I study Bible and practice my faith daily, thus freeing me up for lots of blogging and convos on Sundays. My step-daughter lives in London, so I know there is a time difference. I suppose your week-end is winding down. Have a great week and stay on track. I'm looking forward to an "after" photo of you. Off to make some lunch. Take care. Susan

Liska said...

I agree with Susan - an after photo is a superb idea - that will be one of my motivators now. x