Thursday, 5 February 2009

Weight loss Summary, Yo Yo, and time to get real

On 20th October 2008 when I wrote this post, I was "two fat ladies" (bingo) 88 KG. I have just calculated that is 193.6 pounds.

On 2nd January 2009, when I wrote this post I was 189 pounds (85.91 KG).

On 14th January, when I wrote this post, I was 186 pounds and over the moon (84.55 KG). That was because I had been on Super Greens (by Innerlight) on the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

On 25th Jan, back up to 189 pounds when I wrote this post.

These last couple of weeks, I have been nowhere near what you would call a detox, and my new Wii Fit nicely tells me I am OBESE :-) I am going to turn it on right now to see what weight it thinks I am today :-)

Today, 5th February 2009, the Wii Fit reckons I am 190 pounds (which is 3 pounds less than what it said yesterday). I have to find a time, that is the same time, that I weigh myself every day. Although both of those, yesterday and today were both evening; yesterday 20:35 and today 18:22. I have weighed myself every day (1st to 5th Feb) on the Wii Fit and it is hilarious the way it goes up and down, so it is advisable to weigh weekly, otherwise you'd drive yourself mad.... I am going to weigh on it daily though, as I think I need it as a kick up the bum at the moment and I am addicted to my Wiiiiiii at present.

I am gonna get serious with this whole weight loss thing now. Gloves are off, Spring is coming and birthday is behind me. I wanna look trim when I receive those red roses on Valentine's Day :-)

Yo yo dieting really contributes to the above up and down, so I need to get real now and stick to the program (ideally being alkaline).

Liska Life xx


Susan said...

Good luck! I'm obsessed with the scales. I still weigh 3-4 times a day, but believe it or not, that's an improvement for me. I could never just weigh once a week. I'd freak out!

metro15 said...

The Wii sounds fun, if ever so slightly mean... Don't be too hard on yourself, those fluctuations are within a normal range (we probably all fluctuate within a 5 pound range.) It sounds like you're in a good frame of mind now, so I'm sure you can do this!

metro15 said...

Oh and also, you're still 4 pounds down since October! Things are definitely moving in the right direction. :)

Heather said...

I only do that body test on the Wii fit once a week because I definitely dont think on a daily basis it is all that reliable. today in fact I did it twice and it gave me two different results for my weight, so I wouldnt trust the thing TOO much.