Friday, 2 January 2009

The scales don't lie

Hips don't lie has to be one of my favourite songs, but today it is the scales that don't lie.
As you can see, I am currently 13.5 stone.

As I cannot manage to get my weight loss ticker to appear on my blog (tried everything) I have resorted to taking a photo of me on a weighing scales :-)

I simply can't "weight" until I can post a similar image, with a much lower result. I can plot the progress over time I suppose. Speaking of time, my Mum asked what my deadline is, and I said I don't know. (She must know about goals being S.M.A.R.T. eh!?!?).

I will see what I lose in first few weeks and then think of a healthy goal...
When I say goal I mean deadline, for the weight loss. As I already know my goal which is 10.5 stone - meaning a weight loss of 42 pounds!

Good luck to all those other weight loss folk out there. I know at least in January there are a lot of us on the same path, or the same treadmill :-)

Liska Life, Bye for now..........

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Heather said...

hey there - thanks for all your supportive comments. To get the ticker to work, I add an html/javascript gadget on blogger in customize, and then I pased the html code that appears after you configure your ticker in there. hopefully that helps - I am not too familiar with all of that, but thats what I did. good luck!