Saturday, 7 February 2009

Happy with the scales and the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Hi, I weighed myself on the Wii Fit at 11:39 and was delighted to find that I was 13 st 3 pounds, so I am down to 185 pounds, which is 84.09 kg.

It gave me some high readings last week as there was two days in a row when I had late take-a-way dinners and weighed myself an hour or two after - silly me! That was 3rd and 4th February, and mainly because of birthday........ by 5th it had me back down to 190 pounds but now today 185, which I think is a true reading.

I have been to aqua aerobics twice this week and they were both punishing fab workouts. It is not your typical gentle aqua, as there are all these props that she uses, it is like doing a weights workout but in water - love it.

Anyway, being heavy wasn't spurring me on, but seeing this weight loss is! I think reverse psychology works on me :-)

The other thing that's making me mega happy is that up till now the Wii's been measuring me as OBESE, but for the first time today it said simply OVERWEIGHT, yyyyyyeeeeaaaaah!

So the amount of weight left to lose is now below 40 pounds (gone from 42 to 38) on my weight loss ticker. The BMI has gone below 30 which now means overweight instead of obese, and I am getting much closer to 13 stone. My next milestone is to be 12 stone something....... Very happy today.

Anyway, going food shopping now for some healthy bits and pieces so bye bye.

Liska Life


Susan said...

Congrats, Congrats! I know what it's like to be on the line between obese and overweight. The water aerobics sound like fun. I am looking forward to the completion of a new fitness center being built near me. They will have this type of program. Keep up the great work. Susan

metro15 said...

Fantastic! I love that feeling of hitting a new category. :) I didn't make it to water aerobics this week, but am crossing my fingers that my schedule allows me to next week. It's so fun!

Will said...
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Amanda KP said...

way to go!!! keep it up--or should i say down!! ;)

Liska said...

Thanks guys. Makes the journey less lonely when you get comments such as the above, Cheers. x

Heather said...

that is AWESOME that you have lowered your bmi! congrats! that is such a huge accomplishment.