Friday, 30 January 2009

Health, weight, link to blog post worth reading

Read here, for the blog that contained the following words:

"Maybe we should start wearing cucumbers and avocados around our necks
to ward off the pandemic of acidic FAT that is killing more people than The
Plague. Metabolic and Dietary acidic Fats build up in the body and are stored in
the body fat. Cucumbers and Avocados, together with an Alkalarian Lifestyle,
neutralizes excess acid in the body and prevents acid accumulations and deposits
in the fatty tissues. Excess Acidic Body Fat is the Plague of our generation,
and proper alkaline food intake is the answer to the dis-ease of Acidic Fat,
just like Garlic was the answer to avoiding the acids that caused The

Robert O. Young regularly blogs about the benefits of an alkaline lifestyle.

Approach is, lose acid, lose weight, and it works. I need to get back onto it, desperately.

Going to bed, so that's all I have to say for tonight.

Liska Life x

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