Saturday, 31 January 2009

Wii Fit and Goodbye to January

It's my birthday tomorrow, and I already know my hubby has got me the Wii Fit that I asked for. Can't "weight" so I went to HMV yesterday after yoga and bought a spare control as I know the Wii only comes with 1 (oh yeah forgot to say, I don't have a Wii, so poor thing, had to buy a Wii toooooooooooo). Anyway, I bought the control, and the game that's just come out, "My Fitness Coach" in anticipation of getting my gift tomorrow.

I just googled Wii Fit in Google Images and the above image came up. That's got me ready to expect to see a screen like that! Oh dear, I bet it will say I am obese, as my weight loss ticker (on my sidebar) tells me my BMI is 30.5. Other resources have told me it is 32. Whatever... it is definitely more than in the image above....... Still can't understand that classes me as obese though, as I am only a size 16 (UK size). Although I suppose I am comfotable at 10.5 stone and I am currently 13.5, so that is obviously sufficient to make me obese.

A blogger a few weeks back (can't remember who) said that she saw herself in the mirror and she was bigger than she thought. I always have that problem. Because if I really really really knew inside, how I look outside, I WOULD do something about it. People reading this will say but YOU ARE doing something about it......... aha .......... well I ate naughties in Portugal like chocolate biscuits etc........ and it hasn't stopped since I got back.......... This week I have even had a few glasses of COKE, and a few years ago when I was mega healthy circa 2003-2006, I would not have even touched coke............ I have eaten a lot of bags of crisps this week, I have had pasta several times, which has not agreed with my stomach AT ALL...... Wednesday night I went food shopping, and the leaks, celery, and 2 cucumbers I bought are STILL in the fridge uneaten........ it's like I have gone into a gear this week, where bad tastes good and good tastes bad. Due to my supergreens knowledge I KNOW exactly what THAT means........ it means I have been acidic all week, which means I crave acid........ whereas when I eat salad, eat veg, drink greens, and drink lots of water I go alkaline, which means I crave veg, salad, and water..... With me, once I flip the switch from acid ON to acid OFF it is actually quite easy, it's just an acid day, so easily turns into an acidic week!!!!!!!!!!!

So I have to say goodbye to January, knowing that I leave it the same way I entered it. Such a shame, when people like Carol Vorderman have proved (with her famous 28 day detox) how much can be achieved in a month. That just reminded me that I have her DVD, so as I am in the sitting room I have just turned it on, so it is now in the background to give me some much needed inspiration. STUPID thing with me is that I enjoy healthy food, so I just have to get better with the self discipline. Monika and Keyur regularly have sticks of celery on their desks and I always grab a couple and munch on them, with the same enjoyment some people would save for chocolate.......... so as long as I make time to be healthy, to prep the food, to buy the food and don't grab naughties when stressed, I would be fine,........ oh and also obviously very important to flip that aforementioned switch so that I am in the right GEAR and craving the right things........ In a blog a few weeks ago you will remember I lost 3 pounds in a few days, due to being alkaline......... yeah I put it back on but at least I know how to do it. I need to just do it AGAIN and this time build up a momentum AND sustain it.

With having gym membership I should not need a Wii Fit, but I just know it will be motivating for me as I am a bit of a techie and ALSO very visual, so if the above screen is anything to go by, I think it may do just the trick. People at work say it gives you your FIT age! I hope mine is not too old, but at least you have the motivation of watching it come down.

I have wanted one for ages, but was also spurred on by Heather's review at Setting Her Free.

Once I am up and running on it, I will write again. Really excited.

Liska Life xx


Heather said...

You will love the Wii fit and my Fitness Coach! Sure, the Wii fit can be harsh in what it tells you, but its good to know where you stand and it shows you your progress. My fitness age was 40 when I first started it and it was hard to see, but Ive lowered it over the past few weeks so dont let its initial assessment of you make you feel bad!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday! Hello February! It's a short month, good for new goals. Let's enjoy it. Take care, Susan

Belinda said...

You can do it. Happy Birthday friend.

v_torcato said...

The wii is great! Emma's mum gave her some money for a wii for her birthday back in 2007 and we bought one when we got to Portugal. It came with wii sports and we played it for ages. We have sort of got bored with it now cos the novelty wore off but on the few occasions I play tennis on it, I always seem to get a sore arm from all the exercise. Though, even though I consider myself to be quite fit as I can run for over an hour on the treadmill without breaking into much of a sweat and when I play the wii I do well, I still have a wii age of about 60 which is strange. I don't really know how it's worked out... I just wish you'd mentioned the wii cos we could have had a game whilst you were here - completely forgot all about it. As for how you look, I really can't see that you look overweight - you look more or less the same as when I first met you back in 2006... Anyway, you had 2 good excuses in Jan - you were on holiday for one week and you had birthday cakes yesterday at work (saw the photos on Facebook - very nice cake) Anyway, enjoy your wii and have a great birthday.