Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Chocolate is not ALWAYS worth it!!

I bought a Cadbury's Creme Egg on the way to yoga on Friday night. I just had a craving (not for chocolate) for a sugar rush. I felt depleted and lunch seemed so long ago, and I knew it would be too long before I ate again (what with yoga and all). Well an organised dieter has snacks in their bag (don't they). No such luck with yours truly.

So I popped into Tesco Express, bought the aforementioned sin, and ate it. Within a couple of hours I had a spot, which now, 4 days later is like a little boil on the side of my chin.

I had forgotten all about the egg, even though the spot hurts, but it all came flooding back when I just read Busted, at Pasta Queen.

So I just posted the following comment there:

"I bought a cadbury's creme egg on Friday (on the way to yoga) and ate
it! Realised my mistake when I got a spot a couple of hours later, which now
even today, feels like a boil on the side of my chin.I have heard of a second on
the lips, a lifetime on the hips, but now we have "days on the chin" hee
hee. Actually
, that's so funny, I think I will post it. Although the spot is not at
all funny".

So yes, another reason not to give in when the chocolate beckons. A fellow blogger - Belinda - recently said "Remember it doesn't taste as good as skinny feels". Good motto I think.

Liska Life


metro15 said...

I hate long lasting spots, they're evil. And good work with the water aerobics, your class sounds hard core! It's fun huh? Nice to do something in the water. :)

v_torcato said...
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v_torcato said...

Just as I suspected, the sugar from a creame egg did not give you your spot – it’s a myth that chocolate does that to your body – if you don’t believe me, copy and paste the links below and see for yourself (for the longer link, if you triple click on the link, it should highlight the whole link and then you can right click and select copy). Also, read the info I pasted below the links too. Plus, the stress from worrying about it would be more likely to cause spots than the sugar itself so stop worrying cos that will give you the dreaded spots… plus, I am sure the yoga will have burnt the calories from the creame egg in no time. Plus, if you are drinking more water than usual, that will cause spots to appear as it is clearing out your pores. So, release the poor creame egg from the frame as it is innocent – long live chocolate (and especially dark chocolate)!!! All this and I don’t even like creame eggs anyway… he he he


Q: "If chocolate and greasy foods don’t cause spots, what does?

A: We asked Sally Penford, UK education manager at the International Dermal Institute, for some clues
It could be your fringe. "It’s a myth that greasy hair causes spots," says Penford. "But fringes do encourage you to put your fingers to your forehead, transporting bacteria to the area. So resist the urge to fiddle with it. "
It could be your helmet. "Caps, hats and helmets all cause friction, which in turn stimulates the skin to renew its cells," says Penford. "That mean’s more dead skin to block pores and cause spots. " If you must wear a hat, wash with an anti-bacterial facewash afterwards.
It could be your soap. "Soap’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria," says Penford. "So rinse thoroughly. "
It could be your blue shampoo. “These can irritate the skin, so opt for ones without artificial colourings and rinse your ears thoroughly, drying them off with a tissue. "
It could be your nasty habits. The nose is already one of the oiliest and spot prone parts of the face. Rubbing or picking it just introduces more spot-causing bacteria.
It could be your pillowcase. Dirty linen isn’t great for the skin but it’s the friction again (caused by tossing and turning) that leads to big problems. "Friction also stimulates oil production, which can lead to spots," explains Penford.
It could be your lip balm. "Check the ingredients before you apply lip balms," advises Penford. "Ones containing mineral oil or liquid paraffin are real no no’s because those ingredients can cause blackheads. " Fragrance or colourings can cause further irritation.
It could be bacteria from your phone receiver. "Clean it every day with an antibacterial wipe and avoid resting the receiver against your chin," suggests Penford.

v_torcato said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - That is me breathing in and holding my breath in shock - I just went back and read your post again and noticed you bought the creame egg from tesco... tut tut tut - now that was a sin... he he he

Heather said...

oo I love love love those things and resist them every year. now I have one more reason!