Thursday, 22 January 2009

Back on UK soil


Well, I am back from Portugal.

Having spent so much time with 2 beautiful girls over there (Kristina and Tatiana), daughters of friends: Victor and Emma, I just read Barack Obama's letter to his two girls and it really is beautiful.

I hope the wishes for a better future that we all send to him, spur him on to achieve everything we hope he will. I know one man can't be Superman, but anything is an improvement on George Bush, and Barack Obama is so much more than just change for changes sake. I have faith he will do some great things while at the helm.

With that in mind, I hope I do some great things with my weight loss - back on the wagon tomorrow :-) Holiday over. That is the trick I guess... to focus as if a nation is depending on me.... :-) To be accountable and responsible. Set objectives and targets, and steer back on track if the ship is going off track.

So I am off this computer soon, to unpack, make a very healthy dinner of salmon and veg for hubby and I, and generally get ready for work tomorrow. Bit of input, and the output is always better :-)

Bye for now
Liska Life x

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Belinda said...

So glad you had a great trip.Now back to good old routine. Hey I lost another pound YEAH.Only 8 more to go.