Monday, 14 September 2009

Sorry I have been rubbish

Hi All

Was about time I came out of blog hibernation LOL.  Realised it today when my friend Emma texted me to ask why I had not been updating...

Haven't weighed myself in weeks, so can't update on that score.  Went to circuit training today.  It's fab.  But was well hard, as I do it with 2 of my colleagues and as neither of them could make it, it became a 1 to 1 personal training session.  HARD.  Will be aching next couple of days. And then circuits again on Wednesday. And again I will be on my own.

Very busy at work.  Business Planning for whole of 2010.

Spent Saturday with friends and it was fab. Siobhan and Fiona and Siobhan's gorgeous little boy Ferran.

Sunday was a bit odd.  After food shopping and cooking lunch I fell asleep on the sofa for hours.  Was lovely, but meant I did not get the housework done :-(

Bye for now, Liska 



Belinda said...

Hey you where you been. I have so missed you.....Welcome back...

v_torcato said...

Thank you hun X

Emma xxxxxxxx

Susan said...

Not weighing yourself...sleeping on the couch...what is going on?? Just kidding, glad you are back. Susan