Monday, 8 June 2009

Success and a dose of honesty


Just wanted to post an update.  If you've been reading you'll know I wanted today to start:
* no wheat
* no dairy
* no meat
* no caffeine...
* no fizzy drinks
* no junk

So, I started the day by having my usual cappucino on my train platform.  The poor excuse as to why was that I have a loyalty card and I had earned a free one, so I thought I will have that and start tomorrow....... good progress is that I had NO tea or coffee during the day, not even my ever so favourite chai which I normally have with the finance team.  In the late afternoon I had 2 cups of green tea with my MD, and I know green tea contains caffeine, but I thought easy stages, why not.  Not good to go cold turkey.

On the way to work I went to M&S to have some healthy food with me (ended up spending £11 in there and it is all gone - spent another £4 in there tonight!).

So instead of my usual ready brek (quick porridge) I had a bowl of fruit-salad with half a large carton of organic, plain probiotic yoghurt mixed in.

All throughout the morning I had lots of glasses of water with lemon juice squeezed in.

For lunch I had (1) half a bag of rocket to create a bed with (2) a M&S superfood salad on top - was delicious with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pomegranate, cous cous et... etc.... and (3) a beetroot side salad.  With the 3 things, it was a taste explosion in the mouth but that was what I wanted so I wouldn't feel hard done by.  I just need to prepare better so I make it rather than buy it as these ready made salads are far too costly and even more so if from M&S.

Then during the afternoon and morning I had nibbled on a bag of cashews.  Mita came up to me and said eating nuts is not good if you are trying to lose weight to which I said: "in 2001 I lost 3 stone and I ate nuts every day".  But after she walked away I looked at the packet = 650 calories - oooooooops and I DID finish the packet as much as I tried not to.

Then in evening Victor asked if I wanted to go for a drink (he'd had a bad day).  We only had 1 glass of wine, but I had to go and order crisps with it.

So tonight I could beat myself up or think about my successes:

* water intake heavily UP
* caffeine intake heavily DOWN
* meat intake = zero
* wheat intake = zero
* cakes = zero
* biscuits = zero
* dairy = minimized but progress needed
* alcohol, although present was limited strictly to one glass.

I know I will be 100% tomorrow...... and I am not going to use 1  day's shortfalls to be an excuse to throw the towel in.

Nope, it is onwards and upwards and I feel great.  Ate alot of fruit and veg today and my system feels good for it - the increased water intake suits me too.

On the way home I went to M&S and got another Superfoods salad, so that is what I have had for dinner tonight and I feel 100% satisfied, and I am here still drinking water.  Remember you have to drink a litre of water for every 30 pounds you weigh, so for me I have to drink 6.5 litres of water a day if I hope to lose weight.

The reason I chose the photo I did, is with a mixed bag of success like I have described above, I feel like I have found the KEY to success, rather than the success itself, which eludes me, but WILL find me tomorrow 

How are all of you?

Liska xxxxx 


Amanda KP said...

hang in there, girl!! baby cannot change everything in one day!!! good luck to you!!!!

HollyALP said...

Admittedly, my own journey is struggling a bit as well, but I think you're well on your way. You've made changes and for me, finding that middle ground is the hardest part. I'm great at all or nothing, but accepting that I will not be perfect is difficult. The truth is that your progress is STILL progress and fantastic! I also love nuts. I bought myself a container to hold one ounce and bought a bulk bag of almonds. Everyday I pack one ounce of the almonds to take to work with me. 100 calories and the perfect 10:00 am pick me up. Keep up the good work! I'll be back to see how you're progressing...

Liska said...

Amanda KP it certainly is baby steps but I am getting there. x

Holly ALP I am normally an all or nothing person so I feel like I am in new territory.... only your challenge (with PFG) and the wedding in Ireland in July that is inspiring me to plough on.
Thanks for keeping an eye on me. I am rooting for you tooooo - or is it routing??????