Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Happy and THANK YOU my blogger friends x

I am so so happy. I had salad for lunch yesterday, and just ate salad just now for dinner. I did have lunch out today but it was just poached eggs and salad and hollandaise sauce.

I stayed away from the cappuccinos yesterday and today (yes, despite giving up for over a month I had been back on them last week - another reason for my deathly silence).

But I feel lighter and brighter and happier this evening.

Logging on just now and seeing the 4 lovely comments to my blog post below, just simply made my evening. For anyone reading this (silently) I have pleasure to inform you that not one of the below is a friend (from outside of cyberspace) i.e. they are not mates going on giving me support. They are REAL fellow bloggers, on the same path with similar weight loss goals. True fellow blogger friends, shining a light of support. That light that makes this cyber space a lovely homely place to touch base with.

The comment that we have to ignore unsuccessful weeks, or days or months is so so so true. Each moment passes as we take each breath, and another new moment is there to be savoured, and honoured. Each new minute and each new day is an opportunity to BE the person you want to be. For anyone out there needing a pep talk, just read those comments on the post below - they are SUPER.

Anyway, thanks so so so so much.

Liska xxxxxx


Belinda said...

I am so so proud of you, and thank you for supporting me in my low times. I am proud to call you my blogger friend.So funny you never know who you might meet or how far apart you are.

Heather said...

glad you are doing well! and thanks too for your support :)

Amanda KP said...

you go, girl!!!

skinny latte said...

Yay! Go you!

Belinda said...

hey where have you been, we've missed you here in blogland