Saturday, 14 February 2009

Bad news

I am not going to hide the bad news by calling it anything other than just that: bad!

I went on the Wii Fit last night and it told me I hadn't been on it for 5 days........ (first alarm bell as from 1st to 8th Feb I had only missed one day, and had thought I would carry on like that).

Then it told me my weight was back up to being classified as OBESE, and that I had put on 6 pounds since it last saw me / weighed me.

I started my "time of the month" on Tuesday, and ate like an absolute pig every day. Yesterday I bought a 6 pack of Mr Kipling lemon slices and ate 4 of them.

It is crazy because when I eat rubbish I feel rubbish and I feel super when I eat healthy. Some people feel like a rabbit when they eat salad, but not me. I love fresh food, I love cellery, so why oh why oh why don't I eat more of it.......?

The way I was going (losing 5 pounds last week) I thought I would soon be 12 stone something rather than 13 stone something, but that right now seems like life-years away.

Crazy, as I went food shopping last Saturday and only bought healthy food, so I had a healthy lunch Saturday, followed by a healthy dinner and same again Sunday. It seemed to all go out the window on the weekdays (work days).

I am dredding going to look in the fridge now, as I am scared that there is healthy food in there that I have allowed to go off, uneaten. I know there are 4 avocados in there and I just pray they are still okay, because they were the ones that are ripe when you buy them (dearer for it too). I know I had a bag of rocket in there tooooooooooooooooooo.

I used to be so good at detoxing, I don't know what's wrong with me. Beginning of January, I thought I'd lose all the weight by April, and here I am now, nearly mid-February.

Well this week will have to be a good one - that's all I can say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now, cross your fingers and toes for me. My favourite bloggers all seem to be doing very well, so I guess I just need to catch up with all of them, and be inspired, and BE the change I want to see :-)

Liska xxxxxxxxx


Chubby Chick said...

Here's to a good coming week! You can do it! :)

metro15 said...

Yes, you can definitely do it! Before my current health kick I used to buy tons of fresh stuff and then end up throwing it away. My new year's resolution was to stop doing it so much, and so far it's been good!

Weekdays are really difficult for me too so my only suggestion is to plan ahead as much as possible and limit the fruit/ veg you buy thinking oh I'll do something with it, because I find that's usually the stuff that goes off and ends up in the bin.

v_torcato said...

Don't worry about it Liska, you'll be back on track in no time... By the way, have a look at my blog when you get a minute - there are a few updates on there as well as some new photos... Hope you've had a nice Valentines. Take care.

Phil said...

I used to be very guilty of that too - buying loads of fresh stuff only to throw it out the following weekend! These days I only buy what I need - one stalk of brocolli rather than two, for example!

I know what you mean when you say that when you eat rubbish you feel rubbish - I am the same, and I try to keep that in mind every time I find myself drifting towards the pantry. A cup of peppermint or nettle tea seems to sort me out and calm the craving. If I still want something after that, then I have it, because at least I've thought about it and not wolfed it down without a second thought.

Keep going - it's so hard with the cold weather! But I know you can do it!

PS: I haven't tried any Mr Kiplings. It's the M&S Dessert section that is my downfall!!! :P

Liska said...

I went to the fridge with trepidation. The romaine lettuce was eddible, as were the very very ripe cherry tomatoes, the organic cellery was still crunchy and perfect, the avocado (inside) just had to have a couple of brown bits cut off, carrots (because they were in fridge) were still perfect so I shredded two..... so I just made myself an enormous salad, added two teaspoons of pesto sauce and drizzled it all in avocado oil. Was a big plateful and incredibly filling, and I feel super now. I am so glad that even though I bought the stuff a week ago today, that it was all still, luckily, okay.......
There was a whole iceberg lettuce in there that did tonight go in the bin, but I don't know when I bought that..... it's a sin what we throw away.

Anyway, thank you so so so so much for the comments above. I promise you I will stay on track this week. I plan on making lots of healthy soups for lunch in my Vita Mix so I really hope I pull that off. Also plan on going to aqua aerobics twice this coming week, and drinking lots of water.

Liska xxxxxxxxxx

Heather said...

dont worry, I know that with some exercise, it will go back down. after all, you already were down, so you know what you need to get back there. I know what you mean though about feeling so good when you eat healthy. I overdid it last night for valentines day and feel horrible today! definitely not worth it at all when I could have just eaten healthy and felt good.